Wednesday, July 15, 2009

About Us

We're two best friends trying to encourage each other to get our health on.

Hello! We are Ally and Megs, Megs and Ally. Known to many as crazy, spunky gals with a zest for life and adventure. Also, we've been friends for, gosh, I can't even tell you how long. Since high school, since before it was cool to layer your clothes (Ally started that trend, by the way)... anyhoo, you get the point - we go together like Cheese and Crackers, Turner and Hooch, Bonnie and Clyde.... Last fall, we teamed up to start a blog in which we detail more information than people probably want to know about oursevles online. About lots of things. There is something so cathartic about putting it all out there. But, at its core, the Starfish Project centers on weight loss. And self improvement. But, you know, not in a cheesy way. More like, this is our life, and yes, at times it sucks, but its what we've got and we're doing our best to muddle through it alive and healthy. To put it simply, we are two best friends trying to encourage each other to get our health on. We deal with the highs and the lows like any other gals in our mid 20's and bordering on a quarterlife crisis. We turn to the support of friends and family. What better way to increase our support than blog about our ventures... hence, the birth of the Starfish Project.

A bit about Ally, by Ally:
Hello! My name is Ally and I make up half of the awesome duo of The Starfish Project. My little toddler man who I affectionately call, the Bambino, and I reside in Hawai'i. I've been big boned all my life, that's just how we Hawaiians roll. Growing up I played soccer, did one year of track and played in the woods behind my house (until they tore it down and built cookie cutter houses but that's a whole other blog). So I was a fit gal. Then I went to college and gained the freshman 15+. I went back and forth on my weight throughout college until I left Norway. Before I left for Norway I weighed 200 lbs. Living in Norway was one of the best things for me because Norwegians live a very active lifestyle and the place I lived was made for walking. I walked everywhere and ate healthy. So I lost 40 lbs coming back to the states weighing 160 lbs. Sah-weet! Fast forward a couple years later and I'm knocked up. I gained a good 40 lbs from my pregnancy. Oi vey! I lost 20 after I gave birth and breastfed. But then......

Then I packed up the Bambino and moved us out here to Hawai'i. Land of ono (Hawaiian for good) food. A place where eating every second of your life is a requirement. Anyway, suffice it to say, I stopped breastfeeding but kept eating like I was, exercised but kept eating more and more food making me get all the way to 220 lbs, my current weight. So here I am now. Wanting to get back to at least 150 lbs within a year. Let's see if I can do it.

Please cheer me on!

The scoop on Megs.....

Hey All! I'm Megan, aka Megs, and I am the other Starfish. I live in beautiful Woodinville, WA with my little doglet, Rodeo. I feel as though I have struggled with my weight since I was old enough to know that being heavy is a bad thing. I felt always felt like I would be perfect if I just lost a little bit of weight. In high school it was 10 pounds, and gradually it became more and more... now I am looking to drop 70 pounds. I have always been active, but even at my slimmest (160 pounds), my tummy has never been flat. Through high school I spent 3 -4 hours a day on the basketball court, and rode horses a few times a week. Staying in shape was never really an issue, I was always able to go for a run, and never felt unfit. Fast forward to college, where I stopped playing ball daily, started eating crap food and sitting on my ass studying for 5 hours a day. Its like the perfect environment for fat to grow.

Similar to Ally, I yo-yo'd back and forth with my weight all throughout college. When Ally visited from Norway one summer, I weighed 185 pounds, and had dropped 30 pounds that since the spring. I felt great. Since then, I have slowly but surely piled it all back on, growing to my current weigh of (yeesh!) 236. Added to that, I sit behind a desk 8 hours of the day, where I used to run a round a restaurant 12 hours a day, and you can understand the results. But, alas, there is no excuse. So, now I am back on track, and trying to stay that way. I coach a little girls basketball team, ride horses 3 nights a week, and hit the gym prior to the 8 hour stint at my desk. I will weigh 160 pounds by Christmas of next year. I will be wearing a cute little bikini on the beach in Mexico. It can be done.

So, that's our story. It's our Starfish Project. Project shed the poundage and get back in touch with us.
We appreciate you following our progress, and we love comments! There are lots of other women out there in same positions we are, so we want to hear your stories as well. We're all in this together.