Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mama's Diabetes Story

The following is a post from my (Ally's) mom and how she's reached a point to where she can control her diabetes with diet and exercise. My mom has always been a cute and petite lady but when she found out about her diabetes she did such an amazing job at controlling what she ate and getting back in shape. During my high school graduation everyone commented on how great she looked and how much weight she'd lost. One would think I was jealous at her attention - but she deserved it. She worked so hard.

We will be featuring more guest bloggers with their inspirational stories to tell.

My whole family has diabetes. I knew before I got married I would be a canidate for diabetes that's why I stress on you to always check your blood for diabetes (my mom's telling me to do this).

I found out six years ago about my Typ 2 Diabetes. My doctor set an appointment with a nutrionist, to set a goal and weight for my diabetes. Next we set up a daily menu with a 1,500 calorie a day. Then foods that I can have and foods with sugar like sweets & carbs. When it comes to carbohydrates it's wise to choose a certain amount of grams for the carb intake. I chose to have a daily intake of 15 grams of carbohydrates but to exceed 20 grams.

Pasta and rice product is your enemy! and must only be eaten in small portions.

My doctor prescribed some diabetes meds. So with the medication and daily menu I went from from 180 to 160. (Go mama!)

There are times that I did get tired of doing and sometimes I would slip but I always felt really guilty . Thankfully I had a great doctor that I consult with and he told me it's alright that sometimes it get stressed doing the same diet over and over but that I had to know it was for my well being. He told me he liked my numbers and I was doing a good job and that it was ok to go off on your daily menu but not make a habit out of it.

My husband and I returned from a 3 week cruise around Europe. I gained 10 lbs while on the trip from eat all of the delicious European cuisine but have lost 4 lbs. Just six more pounds to go until I am back to 160.

I'd like to lose another 10 lbs and this will be on steady point. I do find that exercise is big help with the diet, if I can exercise at least 30 min a day then I'm doing good. The long exercise routines aren't necessary - especially if they make you fatigued for the rest of the day. Just a nice enough workout with some sweat and increased cardio should suffice. That way one can still function for the rest of the day.

I am not the perfect diabetes patient but I am perfect for what I need to do for my diabetes problem. If I can help anyone in anyway who is having a problem with their diet I would gladly do it.

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