Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Because we sometimes need a filler post...

With Megs being busy finishing up the final details for a work event and with me busy with some of my other projects we'd like to present you with a filler post.

Enjoy some articles on health and weight loss:

Getting Real About the High Price of Cheap Food
A Users Guide to Health at Every Age
For the Overweight, Bad Advice by the Spoonful
Fat Tax
Parenting and Food: Eat Your Peas. Or Don’t. Whatever.
20 Super Foods for Weight Loss

Happy reading - maybe you can print the articles and read them while you do your thing on the Eliptical or run on the treadmill. 

OR while you're doing planks!

Feel like challenging us?  Then do your own planks and tell us how you did next week when we reveal who was able to hold theirs the longest.  If you beat our time there may be a prize for you...........

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