Monday, September 14, 2009

I'm baaaaaacccckkk!

So finally, after months and months of preparation, the event at my work is over. It was a huge success. I have spent 40 of the last 60 hours on my feet setting up, maintaining the event, and tearing it down. In retrospect it was fun. In the moment, it was heinous.
We haven't heard the total amount of money raised yet for childrens uncompensated care at Evergreen and Seattle Children's Hospital, BUT I know we had over 2,500 attendees. At $20 a person that adds up quick - plus all the souvenir sales. I am hoping it was the best year yet, with the most money raised thus far. (We've raised over a million dollars in the last six years!) If you are interested to know more about this amazing event, check out our website: The vehicle shown above is the car what was awarded Best in Show yesterday. Owned by Arturo Keller, this 1939 Mercedes BEnz 540 Autobahn Kourier Coupe was one of the many gorgeous cars to grace Carillon Point. There was a lovely 2009 red Alpha Romeo that stole my heart as well! Oh, if only...

So, that's enough plugging for the event I did, and enough about why I have been absent from posting. Ally has done a wonderful job keeping up on things, but I feel bad, as this was a dual effort. So, since my last post things have been going well. I completely bailed on our wall sit competition, I think I remembered we were competing three days after the contest was over. Oh, well. Such is life. The good news is I have kept busy running around like a chicken with my head cut off prepping for the Concours, and have tossed in workouts when I had time. Since the conception of our little weight loss blog, I have lost 12 pounds. I stepped on the scale this morning expecting to be shamed by a gain (stress in my life = poor eating habits and less focus on exercise), but there was a 5 pound loss since my last weigh in! I must say I was a little inspired by my own ability not to have ballooned up and out. Also, this means I am right on track to meet my mini goal of 15 pounds lost prior to heading to the land of palm trees, paparazzi and silicone on September 23rd. 3 pounds in the next 9 days is totally doable. Plus I bought this great little sundress that is going to make salads SO worth it! The beaches of LA here I come!

Oooohhhh, and another little bit of news, Ally and I were approached by the blog editor of about contributing a weekly blog. It sounds like a great opportunity to get some more exposure and support on our big slim down venture! Hopefully, we can make it work.

Lastly, I have been working on my planks.... Up to 1 minute with a standard plank, and I'm at about 45 seconds when I do the side/oblique planks. I wish I had a work out partner sometimes, cause its great to have people push on you when you are holding the plank, it really strengthens the abs even more. Oh, and I miss throw downs. Luckily for me, Ally may be moving back to her home sometime in the near future. I am looking forward to weekly (or twice weekly) workouts with her and the Bambino!



  1. Yay! I'm glad it went well! Now maybe you can find some time to relax and maybe get some sleep in! :)

  2. YAY!YAY! YAY! This bkog is totally worth a triple Yay! Cab't wait to see you in a week! YYYAAAAAYYYY!