Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I want the sunshine. And to listen to Miley Cyrus again.

Sometimes I like to listen to Miley Cyrus when I run.

But only when I run outside.

The gym has taken Miley from me.

The fact that I actually enjoy a Miley song is unexpected. I had never actually paid attention to her music until I saw a YouTube video of a group of guys lip syncing to "Party in the USA." If you ever want to spend 3 minutes and 33 seconds smiling, just search YouTube for "Party in the FIP." It's an instant classic. Since I saw the video - whenever I run, I'm always noddin' my head like, yeeeaaahhhhh and movin' my hips like, yeeeaaahhhhhh.

This little tidbit is something Ally will totally judge me for. She pretty much loathes most pop music. As I do I. Usually. I miss spring time, sunshine, and the ability to run outside. The gym, though it is lovely, is nothing compared to a nice long run in the sun with Rodeo (and Miley). I guess I didn't realize how much I missed the chance to get outside, lace up my shoes, and run until I read a recent post on Meandering Bohemian, titled Why I Run! I completely agree with his sentiments about running. After reading his post, I wanted to take a half day off work, just for the chance to plug in my cheesy music and hit the pavement. And then I glanced outside, saw the gray that has encapsulated the Pacific Northwest, saw the trees bending in the wind as the rain pelted down, and I was reminded why I bought my gym membership.

Damn rain and the perpetual gray. I know this is the most beautiful place in the world. But I am done with the rain. I want to get outside and run. I want to leave the days issues and worries behind me on the pavement. I want to feel like the only sound in the world is the rhythmic beat of my feet hitting the ground. I want to run, then stretch out in the grass, and run back.

The gym, in all its shiny weights and fancy cardio machine glory, is lacking sunshine and light. Now, I'm not giving up on my weekday morning visits to cardio land, but I am realizing that I need to fit some outside workouts in on the weekend. Working out can be a social thing (which gyms are ideal for), but it can also be some solitary time for reflection. I get too distracted by everyone else in the gym, all the shiny machines, and the 50 TV's all playing at once to actually THINK about anything during my workout. A weekend run with Rodeo down by the lake would give me that ME time, time to reflect on the week behind me as well as the week ahead of me. Time to reconnect with Rodeo and give him some one on one time. Time to embrace my love of Miley (because, let's face it, its not super cool to rock out like that on the Stair Climber).

New goal: Attend my own form of church every Sunday. Weather permitting, I will get out, pound the pavement and pay homage to the rarely seen sun god.

Do you guys have any other ideas for fun exercise that will get a girl outside?
Do tell!


  1. Alas! I am the Queen Gym Rat. I love working out in a concealed building where others are sweating away their poundage and pumping up the egos. But I do agree working outside is a must, and I totally need to start that hobby. My suggestions is go an run stadium stairs. Thats my favorite outdoor work out. Anything with stairs, lunges, push-ups planks ect. YAY for stairs!!

  2. Funny story about running outside ... yesterday I was on the fence about whether to run inside or out during my lunch break, and opted for 'out'. Only to find 15 mins in that the utterly cold grey day had turned into a full blow BLIZZARD, complete with heavy falling snow. Get back to the gym, shower, walk out the door to get back to work and ... not a snowflake in sight. I'm with you on getting our sun back. Shall we do a sun dance, Mr. Olsen style??

  3. Weather is so stinking unpredictable! Whats a gal to do? I think a Mr. Olsen sun dance is absolutely necessary! ~ Megs

  4. Oh my golly! Olsen Sundance is in order. Right. Now!
    P.S. I totally cringed when I saw Miley Cyrus but I still love you.

  5. Bike rides outside are fun! I also love Discovery Park in's so beautiful. Oh, and the Centennial Trail is a good place to walk/run on. I am really missing the outdoors too.

  6. Shout out Woot Woot!

    P.s. I'm waiting a couple years for Miley Cyrus to get older so that I can a) watch the epic "Britney" syndrome she is most certain to go through, and more importantly b)so that I can have dirty thoughts about her and it be socially acceptable...