Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Go Green... Smoothie

In honor of my most favorite holiday, I made a bright green smoothie this morning. I am hoping it will balance out the fact that I fell off the wagaon yesterday and had (eek!) three pieces of yummy, delicious, flavorful, AMAZING pizza for lunch yesterday. BBQ chicken pizza. I have resolve, but, alas, I am not a saint (Patrick).

I went to spinning last night, in which our instructor rocked the Irish music full blast, then went out to the barn to ride Denali afterwards. I got up at the crack of dawn this morning to go to spinning again, so I am not feeling too bad about the slip up yesterday. I know those three slices have since been sweated out of my system. Even so, I wanted to hop right back on the (spin) bike this morning. Before I darted out the door at 5 am,, I made this lovely, vibrant green concoction. I have always claimed that people eat with their eyes... when I drink this... I feel instantly healthier. And more vibrant. Like the powerful green juices are seeping into me and making me better, stronger, faster, harder.

Plus, how can you not drink something green on this glorious day?!?!?! This is also a good way to prepare for the green frothy goodness that is necessary at the end of the day!

To make your own, simply follow these steps:
1. Cut and core a granny smith apple
2. Cut and core a green pear (an jou?)
3. Place apple and pear pieces in blender
4. Add 2 cups water
5. Juice 1 lemon -- add lemon juice to blender
6. Blend! Blend! Blend!
7. Stuff 2 HUGE handfuls of spinach in the blender
8. Continue blending
9. Add 3 celery stalks
10. Blend again
11. Add 3 kale leaves
12. Add 5 or 6 ice cubes
13. BLEND!
14. Add water as needed to think out the smoothie if you like
15. Sit back and enjoy the green goodness...


  1. Sounds good for you, but does it actually taste good? It must be some blender to chomp through all this fiber. Thanks for posting.

  2. Its delish! Seriously. Sometimes I throw a handful of frozen blueberries in to mix it up a bit, but its not necessary. Try it. I think people would be amazed how good it really does taste. I used to think that yogurt and juice were crucial to a good smoothie, but its just added sugar and calories, which you don't need. Its a completely raw, natural smoothie. I crave them now. Its obscure. ~ Megs

  3. Yummy!!! I wish all my foods had an awesome vibrant color to them. Find me a Hot Pink Recipe and I'm there in a sec!

  4. Does this turn you into a leprachaun?

  5. where oh where did the starfish go???