Monday, August 10, 2009

Weekend Slackerdom

So the only "workout" I got this weekend was from walking around Kahala Mall (lame-o mall for all the awesomeness that I've heard about it, Ala Moana is much better if you want to get into the whoe mall talk) for two hours with the Bambino while I waited for my brother and his ladyfriend finish their movie and doing housework which made me sweat like I was in a freakin' sauna. Actually, the house sometimes feels like one when it's really hot out.

To sum it up - I didn't do much in the working out department. So that means I need to start ALL over again with the 30mins/30days jazz OR at least get 4 days of working out during the week. It's much easier to get my fit on during the weeknights than the weekends for some reason. Probably because I have it ingrained in my head that the weekends are for spending with family, or cleaning, weeding or catching up on something else than exercise.

Which brings me to my need to plan things. I seriously need to utilize my calender and get my life a bit more organized. Maybe then I can get my sh-- together.

I did ok in the eating department...on Saturday but not so much yesterday. Saturday I had some fruit for breakfast and well nope nevermind...I had chili for dinner. I skipped lunch because I was at the stupid mall for two hours and there is no way in heck that I'm eating mall food. Yesterday I had some fruit and bagels for breakfast. Then for lunch I had some rice, eggs, and SPAM!!! That's right SPAM!

I'm going to weight loss hell.

Then for dinner I had some curry and rice. The curry wouldn't have been too bad except that it was made with pork and the pork was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too salty to be mixed with curry. My poor uncle - he's usually an awesome cook but this curry business was not his best. Though I'm thankful that he did cook something. Anyway, I paid for the saltiness this morning with hefty luggage under my eyes and my feet barely fitting into my yellow flats this morning.

So for this morning, I've had an orange, a cup of java and I'm chugging water like there's no tomorrow. In fact, I have to use the ladies room now because I've had so much water.

Someone needs to put my in the naughty weight loss corner.

Let's see how bad Hurricane Felicia/tropical storm/depression is this evening. I might just have to do some jumping jacks and do other inside workouts this evening.

Ok time to put on my dunce cap for not getting my fit on this weekend.

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  1. Hey mama! BTW, you are most definitely burning those calories while you are doing housework -- its better than sitting on your bum! I think you are doing awesome. However, this is what I pictured when you said you walked around the mall -- The old folks in Florida (I distinctly remember this as a child) who walked laps around the Titusville mall every morning', cause it was too darn hot outside! They wore matching sweatsuits, headbands, and occassionally carried hand weights/wore ankle weights. Ahhh.... good memories. Please tell me you were sporting a head band at the mall... ;o)