Friday, September 25, 2009

Leave a message at the beep.......

Hey folks!

We apologize for not having posted anything in a while - we've both been pretty busy this month.

Megs was busy with her event she had a few weekends ago and getting ready for her trip to L.A. to visit her sister. We probably won't be hearing from her until the first full week of October. Know that she has been on track with her weight loss goal and is continuing her efforts while in L.A.

Ally has been busy dedicating posts on her other blog to her son since it is his birthday month. She's also been busy working on some other projects with her friends and preparing for another busy month in October and her broken (but now fixed) car. She should be back on track next week with a few updates.

While we understand that it's harder to build an audience and credibility with the sporadic posts that's just how life goes. Just know that we're doing what we can to stay healthy and will be posting soooooooooooooon!

See ya later peeps!

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