Thursday, October 15, 2009

Back from the hiatus

So we're back!  Things were a bit busy for us last month and well the first half of this month as well.

Though this won't be a very interesting post but it's a post.

What I've been up to lately in regards to our weight loss adventure:
  • Lost 8 lbs only to gain it all back so I'm starting from square one again;
  • Found an awesome book titled, The Art of Over Eating.  Check it out peeps.  It's hilarious.  Megs will be reading it soon and doing a review on it after she's finished reading;
  • Started Baby Boot Camp again;
  • Eating healthier;
  • I've started a few posts that should be finished by next week; and
  • Realized that I need to get over my body image issues if I plan on dating again.
Baby Boot Camp is having a monthly challenge - most improved gets a prize.  Well I plan on getting that prize.  My first challenge/obstacle course is tomorrow evening.  I'll be doing crab walks, push ups, lunges, hop skotch, jumping jacks, etc.  All of this to regain some agility.  The program is ok so far - they finally have an evening class but it seems that it's more of a personal training session since I'm the only attendee so far.  I'm going to ask the trainer to pump up the intensity - I may look like I can't handle a good run or challenge but looks are deceiving.  In fact I was able to do more push ups (the real kind) than the instructor. 

I've decided to take on more liquids throughout my day to help lose some of that water weight.  I enjoy a good matcha green tea and oatmeal for breakfast.  Lunch usually consists of whatever; rice and veggies, leftovers from a company event (usually veggies and some kind of meat), and dinner well that's where I'm lacking.  Though the other night I had a great dinner with my neighbors - ribs, cornbread, and black eyed peas.  Nothing like some southern comfort food.

Tonight I plan on practicing for the tomorrow's obstacle course so that should be fun. 

I'm also looking into some activities that the pacific islanders would do to stay in shape like paddling, surfing, canoeing, hula, etc. 

Think I'll be able to survive tomorrow's obstacle course?  It's supposed to be pretty intense and non-stop.

Wish me luck!

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  1. I think you'll do great! Keep up the good work! remember to breath during your work outs not only will you last longer but you'll keep your speed up!! xoxoxo