Tuesday, September 8, 2009

So far...

Before last week I had lost 8 lbs and while I haven't gained back ALL of the 8 lbs I gained some of it back last week with my gracious neighbor, Amber, feeding me everynight with pizza, pasta, etc.  I didn't eat dinner at home once last week. 

I also didn't do much in the workout department.

But I have a revival!  This week is the beginning of evening Baby Boot Camp classes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm so excited to be doing BBC again - fun workouts and fun moms.

Now that my neighbor's husband has returned from his weeklong training in California - I am now able to eat at home or not eat at home.  I ususally eat big enough lunches that I'm just not hungry for food when I get home and I've just been feeling full anyway so by the time night hits I just want to drink some water or tea and not eat.

As for the wall sits I made it to 4 mins and 44 secs.

I bought a baby yoga dvd for the Bambino a few weeks ago and plan on reviewing it this week.  Two words: Wai Lana.  I'll also let you know how BBC goes tomorrow evening.  Wish me luck!

How's your progress Megs?


  1. no worries about the weight flippin & flopping. Its hard with those first 10 then the rest starts to just drop off. Also keep in mind that your weight can flucuate by 3 pounds. So honestly you prob only gained back 5 pounds. Keep up the good work girly. (in the voice of the creepy guy from "Water Boy") YOU CAN DO IT!

  2. Ohh I got a baby yoga DVD too! Can't wait for my foot to heal so we can get down and stretchy :-) For now I bend her, she loves it!