Thursday, September 3, 2009

Pizza is the Devil!

Last night, after all of my great efforts of not eating junk, I caved into my temptations and ate 3 (count 1,2,3!!!) slices of pizza along with some cinna-pie!!!!! 

After two weeks of my body feeling amazing (8 lbs lost by illness, liquid diet, smaller portions, less frequent snacking/scarfing) my today feels like mush.  My body temp is higher, my digestive system feels like I want to go to the bathroom every 10 minutes, and my eyes are tired!  Junk food makes me restless, which is really bad for me since I'm restless enough as it is.  Imagine an 8-year-old with ADD on crack.  Now think of that same kid but also with continuous IV of Red Bull - that's me after eating junk food.

My lesson - not to eat junk food pizza ever again!  Or junk food in general. 

Today I'm just drinking lots of water in the hopes of detox and eating a spinach salad with avocado, chicken breast, and banana peppers for lunch.  And Tonight I will be running with the Bambino and drinking a smoothie for dinner - hopefully then I can get rid of this junky feeling.


  1. Oh I feel for you. Yesterday I had a crap dinner, and today a crap lunch. And guess what I feel like? You guessed it...CRAP.

  2. Way to go missy! 8 pounds!?!?! You are a total rockstar! Such an inspiration to me.