Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Return of the Starfishery

Thanks to some serious pestering of my little sister, affectionately known as the Mudgetfish, us two Starfishes are back at it. She was always too good at the pestering. Perhaps its the little sister bit... We are tossing some of it back her way though and gently encouraging her to share her inspiring story with us as a guest blogger. More on that soon!

With regards to my initial goal of losing 15 lbs by the time I visited the Mudgetfish in the land of silicone and sunshine, I accomplished it. I felt great. So proud. Turned over a new leaf. I reveled in my success.... Only to gain 1/2 of it back while down there. Wine tasting + sister time + amazing sushi + YogurtLand = pounds gained. I blame the Mudgetfish. She took me to some amazing places. Plus, the girl has a metabolism like a racehorse... needs constant nourishment. I will be posting photos of our adventures soon.

I am currently working on a few posts and have some fun things lined up for the near future, including some great book reviews, The Winter of the Crockpot (in which I will be creating weekly local, easy, fresh, and healthy crockpot recipes and sharing them with you all! Set it and forget it!), the 30/60/90 Bikram yoga challenge I am doing and much more! For now, I am focusing on getting moved into my new house this weekend.

Anyway, to get us back on track, we are open to suggestions for a new poll. We both thrive on competition. We love it. Yes, it's a bit unhealthy at times. But oh well...

What do you think our next poll should be? Bring it on!

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  1. I think the next poll should be test? Maybe something off of the Biggest loser Challenge. Who can come up with the healiest meal plan for a day and people can vote on which they would rather munch on. but you cannot put your names on it (we don't want this to be bias). I will supply the prize!