Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wake Up Call Heard

Megs will confirm when I say that I've always been sort of a superstitious, believe in the signs kind of person.

Well today I not only saw the signs but had an actual wake up call.

I read a fortune today stating that I need a new workout routine.

And then I had a physical today for my company (drug test included...awesome! My first one...passed with flying colors of course). My blood pressure was 139/92. If you know anything about blood pressure then you will know that this is not good. But comparing to the time that I had a BP of 145/95 it's a little better but not much and it's still not good. Also, if you know about how I had pre-eclampsia then you will know that this really isn't good news. Anyway, the average BP is 120/80.

My weight being at 220 lbs and with a family history of heart problems and diabetes it's just time.

It's really time for me to get my ass in gear and not just lose weight but get heart healthy.

I really want to be around to witness my son's life.

So my workout routine of just working out 3 days a week will go to 5 days a week with an hour each day. I will stop eating local Hawaiian food. No more Spam (though I stopped that ages ago), no more pork! No more ramen noodles. No more pizza from my neighbor's house. No more, no more, no more bad/unhealthy foods.

Though I've been eating oatmeal everyday for breakfast, I will really have to start eating better lunches and dinners. Actually plan my meals.

So that's where you come in.

This week I have a budget of $100 for groceries.

Out of the $100 maybe $45 will be for me and the rest for my son. So with consideration of food costs in Hawai'i and how I like to eat local produce - what are you suggestions? Recipes? What groceries should I buy?

Seriously suggestions, recipes and words of wisdom are very much welcome here.

Thanks folks!



  1. Is your weekly budget around $45 for food for yourself? As in about $200/month?

    Do you take lunch to work?

  2. Weekly. I do take lunch to work and sometimes I starve myself.

  3. Almonds are heart healthy!! But...starving yourself is not! Add some fruit on top of your oatmeal or eat an apple with will fill you up for longer. And apples are high in fiber..which is good for cleaning out the insides! ;)