Thursday, October 22, 2009

10 things to Lose 10 lbs.

A little list of things to reach my 1st 10 lbs.
Let's see how I do...

Do you have a list? What's on it?


  1. my list is eat less sugar, eat less and move more. great list, i'm using some of those!

  2. while I like a good cup of tea, please stop trashing coffee. It is the necture of the gods... and in moderation has its place in a healthy diet... love they coffee... for coffee is good...

  3. Listen here Boho! I'm not trashin' the java - just cutting back until I get to a healthier weight and blood pressure.
    Oh and you're awesome. Just thought you should know.
    @Jennee - Have fun! Let me know how it goes lady. :o)

  4. Seriously... a regular small cup of jo an hour before a run gives you at least an extra mile of exercise... if not two... The wife (aka personal trainer/nutritionist) also advocates for the cup of jo.... of course in moderation... I use to drink a pot of coffee a day... not good... but a cup or two... you're golden!

  5. Some things that didn't work on my quest to also lose 10 lbs:

    - Keeping a food journal a-la Weight Watchers online: it made me zero in and focus on food ALL THE TIME, counting every freakin' bite of fruit even. Instead, out of sight, out of mind solution worked better--if I didn't keep chocolate and sweets on my desk, I didn't eat them or forgot about them completely.

    - Working out first thing in the morning before coffee...ouch, nuh-uh! Now I know better. If you are not a morning person, don't force yourself and work out whenever you can later in the day.

    - Using exercise primarily for weight loss, rather than changing the diet. Like, if I ran two miles, I could suddenly eat more...Nope. It's much easier to control caloric intake with food rather than exercise, i.e. not eating a 400-calorie scone will save me 40 MINUTES of running. (I don't run for that long, ever.) So I use exercise for strengh and muscle, tweaking diet for weight loss for the overall effect.

  6. Those are some great things to keep in mind - thanks Julia!