Monday, November 16, 2009


Check out what I did this weekend:

I ran it in 50 mins; half walk - half run. I plan on beating that time next month by at least 10 mins if not 15. I'll have to really work it. My trainer is working me so that I'll be able to run an 8 mile race in Feb....oh boy!

Since I had some weird heart palpatations the night before the run and morning of I'll be cutting out sodium per my dad's suggestion this week. I wonder what I'll be allowed to eat then. Hmmm......this will be difficult because I like me some flavor!

Maybe I'll some more water weight and get started on a healthy heart now.

Oh I lost 2 lbs last week but I'm hoping I can lose another 5 this week....we'll see.

That's it for now.



  1. Good for you Allyjo! Listen to you body and take care of yourself. I wish I could be there for you to hold your darling Bambino and cheer you on. Keep movin'! Love ya ~ Betsy

  2. Hey Cowgirl! Congrats on finishing a 5k! Its awesome you went out for one that shows guts and determination. I could never go and actually compete! Next time I hope you kick butt and overcome your last time amount... wait a minute you totally will! Keep it up, and congrats on the LBS, restless momma will soon be a MILF! Love ya

  3. You go, woman! So proud of you! Keep up the great work!