Friday, January 22, 2010

10 Reasons I Heart My Morning Workout

So this week kicked off my joining a different gym. I was going to a gym near my house; I would wake up drive 1o minutes to work out for an hour, drive 10 minutes home, shower/eat breakfast/get ready, leave for work and sit for an 75 minutes in the glorious traffic (more like parking lot) that the greater Seattle area is known for. Oh, and I only live like 12 miles from work.

Needless to say, I would always arrive 15 - 20 minutes late for work, AND in a raging good mood. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiigggggggggghhhhtttt. It totally starts my day off on the wrong foot. And it looks bad, since I always roll into the office late. If you recall, being more punctual for things was one of my resolutions for 2010. And my boss brought it up in my review. I knew I had to find a solution, like, yesterday.

Ally was pushing me to get out of my comfort zone - to shake things up a bit, and I think my mom so sick of hearing me bitch about traffic, that she was getting close to changing her number. So, I decided to join a gym near(er) my work. At first, I was extremely hesitant; contrary to what everyone thinks, I DON'T enjoy living out of my car like a homeless I hate packing a bag every night for the next day, I always seem to forget something crucial (so instead I leave it all in the car and my car begins to resemble an RV....). Also, I'm not crazy fond of getting ready with a bunch of other women. I like my me time in the morning. But I did it. And....


Like, I could possibly live there if they'd let me. And my new routine, pretty much kicks booty.

Here's why...

1. I can sleep in until 5:15, and still be at the gym by 5:45. No traffic that early in the morning! Added bonus - WAY better gas mileage = less $$ spent on gas.

2. I get to enjoy the sunrise over the mountain on my drive.

3. There are only like 25 people at the gym that early - I can use any machine.

4. They offer Spinning at 5:30 two morning a week. BEST. WORKOUT. EVER. Try it today.

5. When you shower and get ready at the gym, you don't dawdle. Its all business. Saves mucho time-o.

6. The other gals showering and getting ready at the gym are usually all toned and super fit -- it makes you never want to eat again and to work out every minute of every day to look like the girl who has the locker next to you. No one looks that good walking around the locker room in a their underwear. Its inspiring.

7. Seriously fantastic customer service at this gym. Every staff member I have interacted with has asked my name, and called me by name the next day. From a manager's point of view (and a self proclained customer service snob), this is awesome, AND unusual.

8. As long as I am walking out the door by 7:40, I can be at my desk at 7:55. This makes me very happy, my boss likes it too.

9. I have developed an obsession with Spicy V8. Its quite possibly the most wonderful concoction out there. I get to drink it as breakfast on my way from the gym to work. Heaven in a glass.

10. By the time I get to work, I already feel so jazzed up for the day, I am ready for anything.

Pretty much, this week has rocked. So thank you to the Kirkland Golds Gym. My mornings have improved by leaps and bounds thanks to you!


  1. Yay Megs! I'm glad you like your gym. sounds fun!!!! Keep it up!

  2. I LOVE morning workouts! Needless to say, I'm just a little jealous that you have gyms in town that open before 9AM ...

    So glad you found a new gig that you dig!

  3. You said spicey V8 and I instantly thought bloody marys. I've got problems.!

  4. @ Sunny Days - Are gyms not open early in Switzerland? That is sad....

    @ MB - Truth be told, the spicy V8 kick started after a bloody mary I had a couple weeks ago. Its so tasty right after a workout - I think it must be b/c I crave the saltiness... who knows. I just like it.