Friday, January 22, 2010

My Sick Person's Diet

Without fail I always tend to lose a few pounds when I'm sick, just like many other people do I'm sure.

If we're friends via Facebook then you'll know that I was a bit ill this week. I did go to the doctors and found out that I have asthma which is pretty common for people who live in Hawai'i because of the vog (smog+volcanic ash from the Big Island volcanoes = VOG...only happens when the trade winds aren't around). So I now have an inhaler for my asthma and I feel so much better than I did earlier in the week.

Anysnooze, while I was sick all I consumed was Cup 'O Noodles (I know terrible), clementines, popsicles, and lots of water & tea. This is my sick person's diet. Actually, I think I my abs got a workout too from all the coughing. This is what helps me lose at least FIVE pounds when I'm sick. Which is what I lost this week. Which is AWESOME!

And then I ate fried chicken last night.

Does it count that I walked 10 minutes to the park with the Bambino, chased him around and then walked 10 minutes back to our house afterwards?

Didn't think so. Going to kick my ass this weekend for those THREE pieces of friend chicken I had last night.

Do you have your own "sick person's" diet?

P.S. Another drink I sometimes add to my sick person's diet is chopped garlic, red onions and chili peppers in boiled water. Totally gross but it really helps clear up the sinuses and the garlic & red onions are beneficial for the immune system. Only try this if you have a strong stomach because it really tastes nasty but it helps. Have I mentioned that I HATE taking medication and only use it as a last resort? Yeah, those hangovers in college - cured with apple juice and greasy food plus lots of hurling and dark rooms.

P.P.S I'm drinking coffee again. With cream. And sweetner. And I just dipped a white chocolate macadamia cookie. I'm pretty sure I just gained back the 5 lbs that was lost.

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  1. I always gain 10 pounds when I'm sick. Mainly because my main source of nutrients comes from tubs of ice cream. and Mashed potatoes. Yay I know super healthy..... I just read this awesome article about a mom kicking her work out into gear when her kids is playing on the play ground. she doest planks and push up and stair steps while the little one is jumping around.