Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I herd cats, wrassle ponies, and toss flying discs. Its what keeps me going.

Everyone at work this week has commented about my strong resolve for sticking to this Elimination Diet. I'm not going to lie, its been hard. Today has been especially difficult -- someone brought in delicious looking cinnamon rolls this morning... oh, they smelled decadent. I avoided the kitchen and told myself my collard green smoothie was better. Yeah. Right. To top it all off, someone polled the office for lunch and everyone got teriyaki. And I ate raw veggies wrapped in nori.

I feel like I am being tested by the food and weight loss gods. Its terrible! On day two of the smoothie cleanse, the 2 boxes of girl scout cookies I had orded from my boss's daughter arrived. Self control made me place them in the back of a cabinet I never open and put them out of my mind. Well. Until n0w. Hmmm.... Samoas. Tagalongs... But oddly enough, its not really sugar I am craving, which is unusual for me. I can satisfy my sweet tooth with dates rolled in unsweetened coconut. But, smells are the worst for me. I can pass up doughnuts, I can pass up the candy bowl that brims with Butterfingers and Twix's on the front desk, but I am a little girl when it comes to delicious savory smells. My cousin and I were at a schooling show last weekend and actually had to leave the show because everyone around us was eating chili, we simply couldn't stand it any more.

So, I thought I would write a little blog about what keeps me going through the day. Other than the obvious goal of dropping the poundage. Though that is a great goal -- its a very intrinsic motivator. Its my goal, and I WILL get there, but on the way, I need some help from extrinsic motivators... distractions - things I love to do and that will keep me busy and active.

1. Herding Cats

So, obviously I don't herd cute little kittens around with my cunning Border Collie or anything like that. Its oh so much worse. I coach basketball to a team of 6 and 7 year old girls. Yup. I think I would rather herd cats any day. In all seriousness, I have a great group of girls I get to work with a couple times a week. Most days it tries my patience, and I swear to myself that I will never have children, but its so these kidlets. They keep me going. I have to run around after them in practice, and often get involved in a raucous game of Sharks and Minnows or Queen of the Court. They love it when I get involved. One of them yesterday challenged me to a game of one on one. Seeing the game through their eyes has made me love it even more (if that was possible). Its inspired me to put together an adult team and start playing in a womens league. I am so excited. I hope enough individuals are interested to we'll have enough women to form a decent sized team. Anyhoo... back to my team of cats. They are some cute kids - and its refreshing to take a step back twice a week and look at the world from the perspective of a 6 year old. Who wouldn't get a kick out of these munchkins?!

2. Pony Wrasslin'

I am fortunate enough to get to work with a sweet young off the track Thoroughbred named Denali. She's a doll. I make a concentrated effort to get to the barn 5 nights a week for some time in the saddle. Its a great whole body workout, but more importantly, its therapy for my soul. It revives me. I need it. I think I would slowly waste away without it. Horses are hugely important in my life and always will be. Hopefully, I get some video of me riding up here soon! For now, here's a picture of my little sweetpea - I am so excited to go to the barn tonight!

3. The Handsomest, Smartest Pup Ever

If I haven't mentioned my dog before in this blog, I am sorry. He totally deserves mention. The pup is my best pal, my partner in crime, and probably the one living thing I spend the most time with. I can't explain how cool he is, you would have to meet him to get it. I know a number of people who would take him off my hands in a heart beat (as if I'd ever give him up!). In fact, I like him better than a lot of people I meet in my life.

There is no way a person can rest with this kind of dog. He requires constant activity, whether it be chasing down a flying disc - his most favorite activity EVER - or just taking a walk. He likes to be out doing stuff, not just relaxing in the house. On a nice day, I have to get outside and get moving with him, otherwise I feel like a bad dog mom. Just the other day, my cousin and I took our dogs up to Bellingham with us, and hiked all over Larabee State Park with them - such a fun afternoon spent enjoying the wind, playing in the rocks and finding secret trails.

What about you? What extrinsic motivators help you get through the day??


  1. FYI: I'm kidnapping him whenever the Bambino and I return home.
    Ye be warned.
    Soccer. Soccer and the fact that I want to be able to watch the Bambino grow - so that's why I'm sticking w/ the upper division women's league even though I'm piss scared. The team and league will challenge me to get back into a healthy lifestyle, therefore enabling me to watch my handsome little man grow into not just a mancub but a man.
    Keep it going Megs!

    I BELIEVE IN YOU!!!!!!

  2. You girls are a hard act to follow! Wish I had even HALF your willpower. Keep up the GREAT work!

  3. I Love the Team pic! So cute. Keep it up Girly!!! When was this pic taken? you look good? You should give us an update pic when your done with the detox.