Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sukuma Wiki - It's a Kenyan thing....

and it's super easy:

  • put a saute pan on the stove on medium heat with two tblsp of olive oil
  • chop up a bunch of collard greens or kale
  • chop 1 onion - you pick...I chose a yellow onion because I knew the Bambino could tolerate it and it was affordable...produce is up the butt expensive in Hawai'i
  • chop up 2 tomato - I got the kind you buy on a vine at the store because it's my favorite and oh so flavorful
  • throw in the onion first until it's golden, then throw in the collard greens to saute and then add the tomatoes last

You can add salt if you'd like but I like to keep it simple and just eat it as is.

Super easy and you can make enough to last you all week, which is what Sukuma Wiki means in Kenyan. It's a staple that is usually served with meals each day of the week. I served it to the Bambino with some rice and I ate it plain because that's just how I roll.

So for an exotic, tasty and super easy recipe try Sukuma Wiki.

Check in next week for a dish from India! That is if my mom lets me cook it and serve it to her.

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  1. Yummy! I can't wait to try it out!