Thursday, March 4, 2010

All this produce is making me poor.

I seriously think I am singlehandedly contributing to the success of the Kirkland PCC Natural Market. Who knew that VEGETABLES could cost so much money. I try to live by a food budget of $50/week, and I am having a very hard time while on this elimination diet. Healthy foods break the bank. For example, check out a reciept from Friday, February 26th:

I bought broccoli, collards greens, chard, carrots, kale, romaine, green onions, and bulk rice and lentils. $42.30?!?!?! Are you kidding me? Plus, Jenn spent about that buying apples, pears, lemons, limes, and avocados from Costco. I think she definitely got more for her money. Because today, less than ONE WEEK later, the only vegetables that remain in the crisper are the broccoli and carrots. But I am making broccoli soup tonight, so I can kiss that goodbye. At least we still have an abundance of fruit hanging in the basket... Oi vey.

I cannot wait for spring and summer. I am joining a local Community Sustained Agriculture this summer. I can't not at this point. Its just $30.66 a week to buy a share, and you commit to do this June - October. It works out to about $650 for the 5 months. A share size a familyof 2-6 people depending on their eating habits. They have a schedule that gives you an idea of what you'll get each week. Also -- and this is my favorite part -- each week you can go pick herbs from the garden, herbs from the field, FLOWERS!, and greens... hello sunny flowers in the house, lots of kale & chard, and fragrant herbs.

Until June rolls around, I need to find a way to keep the cost down. A few of the more specialized things I will still need to buy at PCC or a natural food store, but I am thinking I can get the produce cheaper somewhere. I am going to stop in at Fred Meyer on my way home and see.

Where do you guys shop? Any suggestions on grocery shopping to save some money? If so, please enlighten me!


  1. I know someone commented on FB that they didn't like Fred Meyer, but that is the only place I shop. They have a decent organic section and natural foods section, they have bulk foods as well. Also they will cut open produce and let you try it, if you ask. I find that their prices are usually better than most. -Tina

  2. Remember the international supermarket I took you too? I get 3lbs of Oranges for $1. Basically its like a Ross but for food. It's the left overs that the farmers have, that the Major chains like Freddies won't buy or leave behind. Best part is its probably some of the best. My apples are not all polished and shinny, meaning wax and toxins. I'm sure there's one near you, just look through newspaper ads and the ads in you mail!