Saturday, April 10, 2010

A New Lifestyle...sort of....

Not sure if everyone here reads my own person blog Restless Mama and the Bambino but about a month ago I posted that I would be starting a new job working for a public relations firm based in L.A. I was and still am very excited for this change because it meant a few things; more time with the Bambino (or Mancub is how I refer to him), doing what I really, really like, and a lifestyle change.

This being my first week I was very excited to put in my hours of work but also have to time make myself some healthy snacks and meals, get in some exercise and take it easy. That's not how my first week went.

It went more like this:

  • Wake up at 6:30 am or 7am, get the Bambino clothed, fed and in front of the tele to watch some Arthur and Handy Manny while I check e-mails and get dressed;
  • Drop off the Bambino at daycare;
  • Stop by Starbucks for a Grande Chai Latte (my favorite and only drink I get at SBs);
  • Work on project for work from 7:45 am until 10am
  • Stop by my friend Amber's place to work out but we end up only doing a mini workout because it started to rain (in Hawaii?!?!?!?!);
  • Went home to work and finish up on project;
  • It's around 2 or 3pm - oh crap I didn't EAT anything yet!!!!!
  • Make myself a smoothie - full after a few sips but chug it down anyway because hey! I need the energy for the Bambino;
  • Finish up some work before I pick up the Bambino;
  • Make him some dinner, play, watch Sesame Street, hang out, bathe the Bambino, clothe, and read him to bed at 8pm;
  • Finish up some more work;
  • Stay up until midnight talking to my friends in Europe.
It's insane but that's how it's been. Yesterday I got so caught up in e-mails, running to my old job for a few minutes, trying to schedule a Gyno appointment to get an IUD placed, trying to deal with my phone, then buying a new phone and then working on a project when I got home - I totally forgot about eating until 3:30 pm when my new phone battery died for a bit while talking to my friend. I decided that since I hadn't CONSUMED anything yet that I should chug some lemonade and eat two frozen slices of pizza.

Oh yeah my digestive system kicked me in the ass right before I had to pick up the Bambino form daycare yesterday.

Though it may seem like I'm complaining but I'm not. This is what happens when I'm doing something I love. I get so caught up in the project at hand that I forget about my own well being. I did that at my old job in Boston; I'd always forget to eat because I was so busy and loving what I was doing.

The good thing is that from all that forgetting I lost 3 lbs this week but not in the healthy way at all. The bad thing is that I wasn't able to find that work/lifestyle balance working at home.

So next week I'm a bit more prepared. I have a timer set to remind me to eat. I will eat in the first hour that I wake up otherwise I end up storing fat rather than muscle. And I will make a better effort to get out and do more cardio.

Tomorrow I have a soccer game that I'm not at all prepared for, AGAIN!

All in good time.

I sometimes wish I had a trainer to push my ass into fitness but there's no better coach than myself I guess.

Here's to a better balanced week next week.

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  1. Wow, its such a good idea to set a timer, I can completely relate to. I get so busy sometimes and skipp meals and totally indulge later making me feel groggy and (for lack of better words) yucky.