Tuesday, January 12, 2010

This Starfish Needs Your Help

Hey folks! How goes the new year for you all? Are you on your way to fulfilling any resolutions you may have made? I'm still working on my list of 27 things to do before I turn 27 with only TWO things completed so far.

Anyway, I have an event in mid-February that I need to shed a few pounds for. I am not required to do this but I would like to look presentable and a good representative for a client. So I need your help. ALL FIVE of you who read this? :o)

I need you to send me e-mails, leave comments, send texts (even though I hate them!) just any sort of motivation to make it so that I can shed at least 15 pounds come February 13th. I've started reading the, "Abs Diet for Women" book and started on the diet and exercise plan today. But I need more suggestions, motivation, and/or inspiration to intensify my workout because although I'm sure yoga is a GREAT way to get toned I need more intensity.

I'm thinking this will be a great jump start to my weight loss if I can lose the 15 lbs by mid-February. Please cheer me on. Egg me on. Gonna get my health on!

What are your suggestions?
What are your words of motivation?


  1. Most importantly Ally > Trick your body!!! Never do the same routine back to back. And always give your muscles enough time to regenerate/heal after you've torn them down with strength training! So often ppl will lack the knowledge that they in fact need AT LEAST 3 days of the proper nutrition, rest, and water water water to fully allow that muscle group to grow stronger before tearing it down again. My BIGGEST mistake throughout my journey in weight loss was the fact that I did the same routine each and every day that I hit the gym. This generated a plateau for me at 157 lbs. (will never forget the number) for over a year of the gym at least 1.5 hrs/day, 5x's a week!!! I was obsessed with getting that weight off, yet had NO tools as to how I could do it the right way! I'm not sure if you know that I managed personal trainers for a while? So I definitely have an immense amount of insight into the matter! Plus, as of TODAY> I lost over 90 f-ing lbs. and have kept them off for many many years now! The hard part is changing your daily routine in life to match that of what you WILL achieve in due time. Don't give up ALLY!!! If I could do it with all the unhealthy habits I had come accustomed to over my life, you can too!!!!!!!!!!!! ~ Carli

  2. Ally you got this! Just put your mind to it and channel good energy. Remind yourself your body is a temple, worship it.